Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas time is here

Christmas is always a very hectic time. Many places to go and not a lot of time. This year we tried to minimize the number places that we went so that we could stay longer at the places that we did go. We spent Christmas eve with Steve's Grandma and Grandpa on his mom's side. Christmas day we started at his dad's house that morning and then went to my mom's house around 1pm. We opened presents with our immediate family and then around 4pm the extended family came over for more presents and dinner. My mom did a great job as hostess - the food was great, the house was beautiful, and we all had a great time. Steve, Jacob, Rob, and Matt played dominoes while Rachel, James and Maria played Guitar Hero. Grammy and Pa kept Kaylee happy - not hard to do. Just sit still and give her a warm place to lay. The day after Christmas we tried to go to AB for a brewery tour, but it was closed. We detoured to Kate's new apartment in south city. It is really neat - large room with tall ceilings. It has a lot of character. Our christmas was nice and we hope yours was too!

Click here for christmas pics

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